168 Things

Pro Bono Mundi - a call to action

October 13, 2021 Paul Kitcatt and Chalice Croke Season 2 Episode 30
168 Things
Pro Bono Mundi - a call to action
Show Notes

If your clients are fucking up the planet, what can you do?

Find someone who’s unfucking the planet – in the exact opposite way to your clients – and give them your time pro bono

Call it karmic offsetting.

The big brands have all the money, and all the power. They pay us to create desire. We know how to make people want more, more, more. The result is a planet on fire, oceans full of plastic, animals going extinct – ad people didn’t create this state of affairs, but we sure helped. We have powerful skills. We’re persuasive.

This is our superpower.

We’re not here to berate you, and make you feel bad about yourself or the industry. You’re nice, good people who have values and ethics and you’re charming and fun. So help save the planet by using your superpower for good.

There are many organisations and campaigns who need you. They don’t have the money and resources of your clients.

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